This enhancement package creates visual content to add value to your existing outreach campaigns and advertising investments to help you stand out better, establish trust and encourage engagement with customers.


Once you submit your businesses logo, a brief description of what you do and 9 photos, within 48 hours you will receive the following content package:

All 9 photos will be branded with your logo and preferred method of contact (website, phone number, email) as well as a short video in six versions;

3 videos designed in the standard 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio which is good for websites and Facebook type platforms. Comprised of the 9 photos, and one each of a version with a male voice, a female voice as well as a music only soundtrack.

The other 3 feature the same audio versions but are instead formatted in a 9:16 aspect ratio which is better suited for sites such as Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram.

The cost of this complete content creation package is a one time fee of $120 (which includes tax).

As a way to earn your business today, I’d also like to offer you what I believe to be a unique way to grow your engagement online as well as expanding your sales. Purchase the enhancement package during this initial service launch, and you’ll receive Spanish translation versions in both male and female voices in 16:9 and 9:16 ratio formats. This is a value of $60. The promotional period ends on June 30th 2022.

Enhanced Content Creation Package


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My name is Jim Bumgardner and my passion is to inspire and encourage you to recycle, reuse and enhance your previous and existing advertising content . You’ve already spent the money, so it only makes sense to reuse what you’ve already invested in. Plus, times are tight and advertising is always the first thing that gets cut from budgets, which of course is a catch 22. You need it but without a visible return on investment, its too risky to drop the bucks. That’s where my passion to serve you flows from.

If this makes sense to you and we can agree on this point, I can certainly help you add value to your businesses efforts in advertising, marketing and promotion. This campaign is the first of many that does just that. Please reach out with any questions you may have and let’s get to work!

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That moment when it all makes sense… Jim's Toy Box

  1. That moment when it all makes sense…
  2. You’ve paid for it so why aren’t you using it?

Getting to know Jim

I was a “content creator” before content creating was cool. Well, actually it’s always been cool and I’ve always loved doing it for people from all walks of life. I hope the examples listed below help encourage you to take advantage of the package that I’m offering you today. I love to serve and love even more to help others see their visions and goals come to life.

“What good is a tool if you don’t use it?”

– Jessica L.

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